We're looking for speakers to share what is most urgent, inspiring, or overlooked in their work or their life: the things that you know, that we most need to hear. What do people not know about what you do?

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Talks have included: a comedian on what makes jokes funny, a city planner on affordable housing, an art historian on Weimar Berlin, an anthropologist on issues of race in New Orleans charter schools, a restaurateur on sustainable seafood, a priest on feminism and Christianity, a choreographer on the economics of dance, a firefighter on the mechanics of fighting wild fires, and many others. 

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Talks are short (10-15 mins), there is a projector for visuals, and you'll share the night with two other speakers from different disciplines. The talks are meant to bring new people into contact with one another. Locations change, but events have been held in bookstores, art galleries, and community spaces.

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We are always looking for new speakers.
Events are from 7 - 9 pm on the first Thursday
of each month. If you are interested in speaking, please send a brief description, a title, a short bio, and
a selection of two dates that work best for you to:        // ben@shelterprojects.net //